Income Tax Advisory Services and Preparation


We have extensive tax advisory experience serving businesses of all types, regardless of industry, size, and entity type, as well as individuals, estates and trusts. We understand how a heavy tax burden can negatively impact your business and personal finances. This is precisely why we take a hands-on approach to proper tax planning to achieve your immediate and long-term tax goals. Our tax specialists work closely with you to make certain that you are taking full advantage of all tax saving opportunities to preserve your bottom line and personal wealth. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Tax Return Preparation—we provide timely and accurate returns for businesses, individuals, estates and trusts. We file your returns on line with the tax agency when possible, to ensure more accuracy and faster refunds that can be direct deposited or refunded by check. With the portals you can access your tax organizer to print it out or key your information right on the computer for us. You can also get a copy of your return at your convenience.
  • Advisory Services—most business and investment decisions have tax implications. Rely on us throughout the year for the best advice at structuring transactions to minimize your tax bill.
  • IRS and State Representation—we have extensive experience with tax audits, non-filed returns, back taxes owed and more. We work directly with the IRS and other government agencies on your behalf. Leave all the details to us.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning—our skilled team can help safeguard your accumulated wealth for future generations through proactive initiatives to reduce the tax burden of your estate. 

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