Financial and Estate Planning


With a changing economy, changing tax laws for estates, the possible impact of rising taxes, and education costs for children and retirement age getting closer and closer, it is important to get the financial advice to help you plan and make the right financial decisions. With our professional staff of advisors we can help you get on track toward your financial goals. So many financial people in the marketplace are giving happy talk, rather than looking at the results and making changes to meet with the changing times:

  • Every person’s retirement dreams are different. We do all that we can to make sure you have the financial assets to make your retirement dreams come true.
  • We work with your investment advisor, insurance agent and lawyer, to ensure that your retirement plan will provide for your financial needs after you stop working, protect your assets from uninsured medical expenses during your retirement years and minimize the estate taxes and final expenses paid by your heirs.
  • We assist you in tracking the growth of your retirement assets on an annual basis and recommend adjustments to your plan as your family situation changes. Monitoring your retirement plan on an ongoing basis provides you with the confidence that your retirement dreams will come true. 

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